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Rock and Sea Productions produce sea highly acclaimed kayaking and rock climbing instructional videos available on DVD. These are comprehensive guides to all the aspects of safety, skills and considerations for sea kayaking and rock climbing - a fantastic resource for both instructors and recreational enthusiasts alike.


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"...what Nige and Olly have done is cover all bases in a style that is easily accessible. It does not leave the viewer with the feeling that living out of a boat is the preserve of a hardcore few, but instead something to be enjoyed by all paddlers. Add to that the opportunity to hear from such an array of experienced paddlers and the shear quantity of material included, Expedition Skills presents excellent value for money..."
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" excellent showcase of the considerable knowledge and expertise L5 coaches Olly and Nige have amassed over the years on sea kayaking expeditions..."
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Rock & Sea Productions Instructional DVDs
Expedition Skills
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Rough Water Handling
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Self Rescue for Climbers
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Sea Kayak Safety
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